Troy Polamalu to Return vs. Bengals

Troy Polamalu, the ever exciting safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers, is slated to return to action Sunday vs. the Bengals.

Troy Polamalu will return to action against the Bengals on Sunday’s game.  He sat out against last weeks game after suffering from concussion-like symptoms after making a tackle during the first series of plays against the Chiefs.troy polamalu making tackle
Polamalu spoke out yesterday that he has a fear of one day taking a blow to the head that could result in long-term effects on his brain.  He also stated that he has no intention of changing the way in which he plays.   Fans enjoy his “torpedo like” style of throwing his body at unsuspecting running backs and receivers.   It’s an exciting way to play and has made him one of the most popular safeties of all time.
Polamalu said he plays with a perpetual internal struggle between the constant threat of serious injury and not letting it affect his performance.
According to a recent article from the Associated Press,  “That’s the fear I think that any player faces,” he said. “And that’s the fear that any individual faces, overcoming any certain fears of being a coward, you know, and letting your teammates down or turning down a hit. That’s the beautiful thing about sports is these fears are right in your face and it’s pretty obvious if you turn them down or not.
“Oh, I have the fear, no question about it,” Polamalu added. “But I’m willing to fight it, for sure.”
Sunday was the second time in six weeks Polamalu left a game early with a head injury. Counting high school, college and the pros, Polamalu has been diagnosed with at least seven concussions.
Polamalu said the launching and lunging style of tackling that has helped contribute to his success and popularity “absolutely does put you at risk,” but added there wasn’t anything he could have done differently in bringing down the tackle-eligible Maneri or Maurice Jones-Drew in the backfield on a key fourth-quarter 3rd and 1 during an October game.
“I don’t know if it’s possible at this point to change style of play,” Polamalu said. “I think that’s the case for anybody in the NFL, especially regarding the rules and the fines that we have. They’re going to continue to happen just because we’re instinctual players at this point, you know? Of course we’re professional athletes, but it’s still tough to change these habits that we’ve formed since we were 8 years old.”
Polamalu mentioned that Coach Tomlin has the final say whether he plays or not.   Troy takes the concussion symptons seriously and wouldn’t play if he was still suffering from symptoms.
Hopefully for Steeler fans everywhere, the concussion symptoms will disappear for good and we’ll have many more games of #43 making those “Torpedo Tackles” that we all love to see!

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  1. Anne Loner says:

    Dear Troy…Im an RN and have seen first hand what a concussion can do.. You have the unique distinction of not only being a great player but also a great man..I love to watch you play the game . But whatever you do in life will be above and beyond..I dont know if Joe Maroon is still team MD, if he is he is also great in his field, listen to him, he will call it like it is. Love and luck to you…Stay safe…Anne Loner, RN, Wheeling, WV and Gooo Steelers.

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