James Harrison Knee Surgery Update

Harrison Bouncing Back Quickly – We Think

James Harrison went through arthroscopic surgery on his swollen left knee earlier this week.  He was seen walking around James Harrison walking after surgerySteeler camp just two days after his surgery and he had no visible limp and wasn’t wearing any protective gear.

Here is an update we found on NBC Sports….

Two days after having arthoscopic surgery, James Harrison was walking through Steelers camp with no apparent limp or any protective gear on his left knee.

But if he was feeling good, it didn’t translate into feeling like talking.

Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette caught up with him walking to the cafeteria, and transcribed the following exchange.

“Q:What did they do, scrape something out behind your knee?

“A. I don’t know.

“Q. Can you bounce back at 34 as you might have at 24?

“A. The body doesn’t come back as quick, that’s just natural.

“Q. What are you doing?

“A. I’m doing whatever it is they tell me to do.

“Q. What can you do?

“A. Whatever they tell me to do.

“Q. And what is that?

A. They haven’t told me nothing yet.

“Q. Are you swimming, stuff like that?

“A. No.

“Q. Can you still have a big season?

“A. Yeah, I’ll be all right.”

That’s a grand total of 41 words of insight from Harrison.

If he is, in fact, “all right,” the Steelers don’t much reason for concern. But with him making the start of the season apparently in doubt, with perhaps a stint on the physically unable to perform list, there are many more questions that need answers.

Longer ones, preferably.

For a link to the NBC Sports post click here

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