LaMarr Woodley Donates Money to Cover School Cuts

Woodley’s Generosity Helps Saginaw, MI Schools

Found this article from the Washington Post – really shows how kind and generous one of the most feared pass rushers in the LaMarr WoodleyNFL is!


In an offseason littered with DUIs, domestic violence and downright dumb decisions from a number of NFL players, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley chose to devote his resources to a better cause.

LaMarr Woodley is giving back. (Mel Evans – AP) This fall, a substantial cut in the Saginaw (Mi.) Public Schools athletic department budget would have forced students to pay an annual $75 participation fee to play sports.

That just didn’t sit right for Woodley, who helped lead Saginaw High to a state championship in 2000. So Woodley covered the budget cut himself — all $60,000 of it.

“People can make the argument that it wasn’t going to hurt participation, but it was,” Saginaw High athletic director Dan Szatkowski told “Because of this, kids will have an opportunity to participate, an opportunity to be part of a team. People don’t understand how important that is.”

The pay-to-participate policy actually began last year, but Hall of Fame basketball player and former Michigan State star Magic Johnson covered the fees as part of a Sodexo Magic contribution.

“It’s a tough time, but here’s a professional player who gets it,” Szatkowski said. “This is a big deal. He’s providing the means for kids to participate. What’s the price you can put on that? What price do you put on an experience? LaMarr Woodley is providing for that experience.”

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  1. nancy says:

    WHY isn’t this a lead story on the national news??

  2. La Marr Woodley has always been a class act. Willing to help those in their darkest hour. From individuals to school districts, this man never falters. His mother did the best job raising him! I don’t think there is a selfish bone in his body!Thank you, La Marr!

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