Mike Wallace Reports to Steelers

Wallace Expected to Make Big Impact

Mike Wallace reported to the Steelers camp today after holding out for a long term contract.Mike Wallace returns to Steelers


Here is a blog post from ESPN for the story:

Wide receiver Mike Wallace reported to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Tuesday after missing all of the offseason workouts and training camp practices. But Wallace should be on the field in the season opener at Denver because he can make an impact in the game.
I’m not suggesting you should draft Wallace in the second round of your Fantasy draft. I’m not even predicting he’ll get over 50 yards receiving in Week 1.
What I do know about is Wallace’s speed. He won’t be as comfortable in Todd Haley’s playbook as Antonio Brown because he walked into the Steelers facility 12 days before the regular season kicks off for Pittsburgh. Still, Wallace knows how to run one route, the one where he goes straight down the field and flies past defenders. As coach Mike Tomlin has put it, Wallace is “a threat to take the top off a defense at any time.”
Others don’t see Wallace making much of a difference early in the season. ESPN’s Jerry Rice said on SportsCenter that there’s “no way” Wallace will be ready to make an impact in the season opener after missing all that time. Rice even suggested it could take Wallace four to five games to do so.
Even Wallace would have to acknowledge that he would’ve improved his chances of making an impact if he showed up last week and got a few snaps in a preseason game with the starting offense. But he didn’t want to play in a preseason game. He sees his big paychecks when the regular season begins. It’s selfish, but it’s within his rights as an unhappy restricted free agent.


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