Ladies Steelers Purse Give-A-Way

Open To All Steeler Fans


Simply fill out the form below – we’re giving this purse to one of the lucky entrants!!

Entries open through Saturday, September 16th



 Ladies Purse Give-A-Way

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14 Responses to “Ladies Steelers Purse Give-A-Way”

  1. Donna Bray says:

    Sept 16th is my birthday so I hope that brings m good luck so I can win!

  2. kristi says:

    Love them so much… I even vot my bf who doesn’t watch football to become a hardcore steelers fan.. we live in Illinois wearing steelers clothes.. we get a lot of boo’s but u guys r worth it

  3. Belinda Kozieracki says:

    I love the Steelers!!! Really cool purse!!

  4. shane spiess says:

    i live in texas and couldn’t find a nice steelers purse for my mom. her birthday is soon and this would be a great present for her from me.



  6. Chris says:

    Wife’s bday is Sep 13th! She would love this!

  7. diana says:

    I love this purse and I would be very proud to show off my steeler handbag. lets go steelers!!!!!!!!

  8. linda says:

    i love this purse it would be great to switch from my black one to this one

  9. Prsitine Aericko says:

    I clicked on the submit button to enter and it is malfunctioning, went to a dead link. 🙁

    • says:

      Prsitine….. try again – it may just be the high volume of people entering. It is definitely working – we’re getting many entrants. If you can’t get through after another try or two, please comment again and I’ll put you in manually.

  10. Joyce Hatton says:

    Sweet! I hope I win this purse, it would be a sweet belated birthday present!

  11. Sarah Mashino says:

    Not sure if it entered me or not! Really hoping it did!

  12. Dolly says:

    I live in Raven territory and would LOVE to sport this steelers purse around town…that way no cuss words will be needed. 🙂

  13. Christina Gordon says:

    This would be great to win. I live in California and it is super hard to find anything STEELERS. And when I have I refuse to spend money on it because it is visibly a knock off. Colors are always wrong. Would love this purse. And sure my husband would love me to have it even more. He has been a fan since he was young. And has never waiverd even though he has lived here in California his whole life.

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