Steeler Fans Impacted by Flight 93 – Remember 9/11

The Bravery on Flight 93 Save Countless Lives

On 9/11/01  the US came under attack from terrorists about jetliners.   All but one jet crashed into their intended target – except 1.

The people aboard now famous flight 93 heard what was going on and decided to do something about it.   The 40 passengers took action, crashed the cockpit and overtook the terrorists.

The aircraft was said to be targeting the Capitol building in Washington, DC.   Thanks to the actions of those 40, the capitol building and countless lives were saved.   The plane ended up crashing in rural Shanksville, PA which is only 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh – deep in the heart of Steeler country.

President O’bama has asked that everyone give a moment of silence at 8:46 am, the exact time of the first jetliner crash at the World Trade Center.

Please comment below what you were doing that day when you heard the news of the attacks.


Bells of Remembrance in Shanksville, PA

The Bells of Remembrance to the courageous 40 from flight 93

2 Responses to “Steeler Fans Impacted by Flight 93 – Remember 9/11”

  1. Richard Cook says:

    I had just woke up and came downstairs and turned the TV on and saw the first tower burning..

  2. Sue Tobias says:

    A carload of poeple from the Grants Pass, OR, Habitat for Humanity were on our way to Portland to catch a flight for the international convention in Indianapolis. Hearing it on the radio, we stopped for breakfast where there was a TV and by the time we paid the tab, all flights were grounded and headed home to work with Red Cross

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