Steelers Threaten Lawsuit Against City for Addition of Seats

Steelers Say City is NOT Living Up to Their End of Deal


The Pittsburgh Steelers want to add 10,000 seats at the sound end of Heinz Field as well as a new animated scoreboard so those people can see it.    Sounds great.   

Heinz Field - Pittsburgh, PA

However, the city is having some issues coming up with the money that they apparently under contract to do.

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Steelers Threatening Lawsuit Over Stadium Seats « CBS Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh Steelers have filed notice they’ll sue the city-county Sports & Exhibition Authority over stalled plans to add 3000 seats to the team’s 11-year-old stadium., Heinz Field.


Steelers poised to sue stadium authority over deal to add seats

By Jeremy Boren Published: Wednesday, October 31, 2012, 4:38 p.m.. Updated 9 hours ago. The Pittsburgh Steelers moved to sue the city-county Sports & Exhibition Authority in a spat over how to pay for a planned 3,000-seat expansion the


Steelers to sue stadium authority in dispute over 3000 new seats

A plan to add 3000 more seats to Heinz Field has been thrown for a loss because of a dispute over who is responsible for paying what share of the.

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