Troy Polamalu Fined $10,000 for Cell Phone Usage

The NFL Officially Fines Troy Polamalu

The NFL officially fined Troy Polamalu today for calling his wife with a mobile phone.   His call was to let her know he was OK.

Is the NFL going off the deep end with their fines????   True, Troy could have asked someone else to call, but the $10,000 fine was probably worth it to his wife.


NFL Fines Troy Polamalu $10K For Calling His Wife

It’s been so long since the last asinine NFL fine! But today, Goodell’s goons went vigilante on spousal communication and fined Troy Polamalu for calling his wife to let her know he was not bleeding from his ears (yet):


Troy Polamalu Fined For Using Cell Phone

Troy Polamalu used a phone on sidelines last week and the league office informed him that he’s been fined $10000.

Troy Polamalu

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After Polamalu was examined by physicians on the sideline, he asked to borrow one of their cell phones to call his wife and let her know he was okay. Something that a kind and considerate husband should do, and especially considering all the stories we
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In Conclusion

There are a lot of reasons that the NFL hands down fines.   Most of them are for the protection of players and player safety.   It is the opinion of this blogger that the NFL really needs to get a clue.   When it penalizes a player for doing a noble thing – calling his wife to let her know he’s ok –  something is wrong with the system.